It’s never quite dark on the Street of Eyes, but the shadows there grow large, and deep. You go to find a job. There’s no telling if you’ll be coming back.

Even more exciting news: Frontiers is now available for purchase on Steam Early Access!
I wrote the whole storyline and virtually all dialogue, so this is a big release for me. (If you’re not interested in my video game work and just want to know more about STREET, scroll down.) You can get it directly on Steam or through the Humble Bundle widget below.

Hello there! This is the home of science-fiction author Ryan A. Span — that’s me. I get up to a lot of things, most of which you can read about in my author bio, but the lion’s share of the site is devoted to STREET, my trilogy of online cyberpunk novels.

STREET is a complete series, originally published as a web-serial from 2007 to 2013, and in print/e-book format by Gryphonwood Press. The first book, Empathy, is always online for free. The other two, Clairvoyance and Precognition, are continually serialised (also for free) at a rate of one chapter per week until we run out of chapters on 01 December. New chapters appear one minute past midnight on Wednesdays. Every year on 14 January, the serial run starts over from the beginning.

Of course I encourage you to buy the print or Kindle/e-book version, supporting your humble author. They’re not expensive. However, if you like the serial experience, it really comes completely free. No ads, no obligations, no bollocks.

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