Hello there! If you’ve clicked your way here, you’re probably trying to learn more about me.

I hail from the great uncharted wilds of north-western Europe. I’m an author, game designer, fencer, scholar of historical European martial arts with the ARMA, and a few other things besides. In my career so far I’ve created various independent video games, as well as a few novels. I’ve even worked on a number of tabletop games. Most importantly, I am a human person who exists!

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Below is a list of my significant video game and tabletop credits to date. For my novels, please refer to the Books section of the site.

[Bandana Bandit Games]
Marchers (Narrative Designer) – Release TBA

[Kashkool Games]
Sheba: A New Dawn (Narrative Designer) – Release TBA

[Illuminated Games]
The Next World (Writer/Designer, Programmer, Team Lead)
The Next World: Planetary Exploration (Writer/Designer, Programmer, Team Lead)
The Next World: Rocketship DLC (Writer/Designer, Programmer, Team Lead)

[Illuminated Games]
Golem Creation Kit (Writer/Designer, Programmer, Team Lead)

[Alpha Wave Entertainment]
Felt Tip Circus (Designer)

[Alpha Wave Entertainment]
Euclidean (Writer/Designer, Narrator, Team Lead)

[AAD Productions]
Frontiers (Lead Writer)

[Visual Outbreak]
Malevolence: The Sword of Ahkranox (Lead Writer)

[Taleworlds Entertainment]
Mount&Blade (Writer)
Mount&Blade Warband (Writer)

[Ludum Dare Game Jam 39]
The Dying of The Light (Writer/Designer, Narrator, Team Lead)

[UFO:AI Team]
UFO: Alien Invasion (Lead Designer)

[Chivalry Games]
Chaostle (Writer/Editor)
Chaostle: Melee (Writer/Editor)

[Flying Mice Games]
Book of Jalan (Writer)
Cold Space (Writer)
FTL Now (Writer)
In Harm’s Way (Writer)

[BBRACK Productions]
Promised Sands (Freelance Writer)