“The year is 2091. Earth is a different place; but not so different that you wouldn’t know these city streets. Not so different that you wouldn’t know the people who call this place home.”

STREET is my trilogy of cyberpunk novels, set in a near-future dystopia of virtual reality and real criminals. Of telepathy with devastating consequences and nanomachines that can and will change the world. Freelance telepath Gina Hart is going to have to think fast and run hard to stay alive in these mean streets, but at least they’re full of curious things and interesting people…

STREET is a complete series, originally published as a web serial from 2007 to 2013 and in print/ebook format by Gryphonwood Press. The first book, Empathy, is always free to read here on the site and on Smashwords and Amazon Kindle. The other two, Clairvoyance and Precognition, are continually serialised (also for free) at a rate of one chapter per week until we run out of chapters in December. Every year on 14 January, the anniversary of the site, the serial run starts over from the beginning. New chapters appear one minute past midnight on Wednesdays. Clairvoyance and Precognition are also available for purchase at any time if you don’t want to wait. You can even get them in lovely old-fashioned paper and ink.

Start reading the serial version for free, perhaps using our handy RSS feed to keep up with new chapters, or get the whole trilogy in ebook or print.

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