This took way longer than it should, thanks to job and other high-priority stuff, but Precognition is finally hitting the shelves of the internet! Feast your eyes ‘pon our paperback:

Or our Kindle edition:

Or our Smashwords edition:

I’ll be adding these to our Purchasing page presently. I’m pleased to finally give the old girl a big send-off. It hasn’t been an easy thing getting to the end, but we made it, bloodied but unbowed. Also, I shall soon begin uploading the edited version of Precognition and preparing for the big reboot on our serial run. Come 14 January, on STREET’s seventh birthday, it will all begin anew. I hope you’ve enjoyed this journey with me — or if you’re new, that you’ll find it to be everything you wanted it to be!

Thanks so much for reading.

Lastly, if you like this story, please consider adding a review somewhere. Amazon, Goodreads, anywhere that suits you. You have no idea what a huge difference it makes.

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  1. MartinCit says:

    It to me is boring.

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