The last segment is posted. STREET has officially reached its end after a six and a half year run. Exactly 78 months ago to the day, I posted the first two chapters on the old website and let this story out into the ether. I’m still struggling to believe that we’re here now, at the finish line, and this chapter of my life is over.

Well, almost over. I’ll be working for the next few weeks on the edited, polished version of the Precognition manuscript, which will go up here on the website when the paperback is released by Gryphonwood Press. Then, on 14 January of 2014, we’re going to turn the clock back and restart STREET’s serial run from the beginning. This time it’s going to run a bit faster, with a full chapter going up weekly.

Those are the plans as they stand now. Stay tuned for the paperback release of Precognition in August/September; I’ll keep you updated. If you’re a long-time follower, I really hope you’ve enjoyed the ride. If you’re only just starting, I hope STREET tickles your fancy! As always, thanks very much for reading!

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