Impostor Prince Audiobook Coming!

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The audiobook version of The Impostor Prince, my novel co-written with the inestimable David Debord and narrated by the equally-inestimable Steve Barnes, is currently being finished up for a Christmas release. So, as an early present for the holidays, I give you the first chapter and introduction of TIP — a full 21 minutes of thrills and entertainment — for free! Do give it a try. Then, if you like our work, heap praise upon us whilst putting The Impostor Prince on your Christmas list! Your browser does not support the audio...

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More Impostor Prince

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How exciting! My latest novel, The Impostor Prince, is now out in a lot more places, such as: US Paperback US Kindle UK Paperback UK Kindle DE Paperback CA Kindle AU Kindle B&N Nook iStore Kobo You can also check my Purchasing page for more information and links. If you buy it, please don’t forget to leave an honest review! It’s far more helpful than you know, no matter how long or short said review might be. In fact, it’s possibly the best thing you can do for a writer (or writers) you’d like to support. Pretty...

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The Impostor Prince Is Out!

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At long last, I have a new novel out in the wilds of the interweb — The Impostor Prince, my first published fantasy, and my first collaboration with David Debord (David Wood to you and me). It’s currently out on Amazon Kindle: Other formats will be coming soon, and I shall announce them as they...

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Update: Alpha Wave Entertainment

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I recently wrote an update on the Kickstarter page for Frontiers about the new games I’ve been working on. Behold!

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Serial 2.0

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A new year dawns for STREET! Remodelling the site is still ongoing, but in the meantime, the new yearly serial run has now officially begun! It’s all set up and scheduled in advance so that updates will come out like clockwork, one minute past midnight on Mondays. The RSS feed should be live again too, for those of you who use RSS, keeping you posted when updates come online. Ah, technology. As I’ve said before, Empathy will remain on the in its entirety as you would buy it, to try and whet your appetite for the series. Unlike the...

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10 Days Till Reset

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Lo and behold! The fully-edited whole of STREET has now been uploaded in chapters/parts, rather than individual segments. But it’s only going to stay up for 10 more days. At the end of the 14th, we’re going back to our serial run! Let me explain my plan for this. This time around, I don’t want to make people wait huge amounts of time for the story; 6.5 years is too long to run a trilogy. Instead we’re going to keep the pace nice and high. Empathy will stay up in its entirety, all 18 Parts. Seems only fair after this...

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At Last! Website Changes.

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As I’ve said previously, I’m going to be working on reshaping into a more personal website for all my writing-related stuff, rather than simply a platform for STREET. Hoping to get that done over the next month in preparation for the big serial relaunch. So, if you’re browsing the site and see anything that looks weird or is non-functional, please let me know ASAP at Either way, on the 14th of January, we start this whole mess over again from Part 1! It’s actually kind-of exciting.

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Precognition Is Out!

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This took way longer than it should, thanks to job and other high-priority stuff, but Precognition is finally hitting the shelves of the internet! Feast your eyes ‘pon our paperback: Or our Kindle edition: Or our Smashwords...

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What’s Going On in the STREET

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For those of you who don’t follow me personally on Facebook (and not the badly-maintained Facebook page which I’m going to start phasing out), I wanted to do a post about everything that’s been going on! 1. We have a cover! Artist Jan Pospisil, who did a wonderful job on Empathy and Precognition, returned once again to knock Precognition out of the park. I’m very pleased and will be sharing a preview of it soon! 2. If we have a cover, why don’t we have the book yet? That is a sticky one. I have been delayed in my...

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Game Design Blog: Malevolence Podcast Roundup (25-27)

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Another collection of podcast episodes for you to enjoy! Episode 25: Game Design, Game Design, Game Design Episode 26: Modding, Art and Unnecessary Rudeness (on our part) Episode 27: Top 5 Video Game...

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